Our Team

Here at Dobson Feedlot we have a dedicated team to ensure all 7000 head are properly fed and cared for on a daily basis 

We have three feed trucks allowing all cattle to be fed within 1 hour of sunrise. We use industry leading feed boxes being a Harsh 900cuft, Harsh 575cuft* and a Cattlac 600cuft* guaranteeing a quality mix consistently 

 Cattle are processed and penned within 24hrs of arrival and are handled in a low stress manner with the most effective handling systems and facilities available to ensure an easy introduction to feedlot life away from the ranch, 

All rations are balanced by Nutrition Services Associates of Texas*. In conjunction with this, commodities are tested and visually inspected throughout the year. Commodities are chosen based on 25yrs of experience and knowledge of the industry to ensure the lowest possible COG (cost of gain) for the cattle owner(s). The cattle’s wellbeing gets scored based on pen condition, bunk comfort and much more. 

Pens are checked daily via pen riders (lowest stress) and we have a strong relationship with local vets combined with international drug reps to ensure all the cattle are getting the most effective and cost-efficient drugs on the market.  


At Dobson Feedlot we have a strong sense of community. Every individual employed at Dobson Feedlot understands the mission of the daily operations. This is essential as employees are expected to step in to any role required to ensure the cattle are priority.  Employees are educated on low stress cattle handling and mentored daily with a member/owner commonly being a part of the team